Elevate Your Space with Expert Decorative Flooring Services

Unleash elegance in every detail with Armor Pro’s exceptional decorative concrete finishing services. Our expert team crafts concrete masterpieces, offering a diverse range of services from stunning epoxy flakes to sophisticated metallic epoxy, solid color epoxy, stained concrete, polished surfaces, and more.

Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, we go beyond imagination, redefining what’s possible with concrete. Trust Armor Pro to transform your space into a work of art—beyond concrete, beyond expectations.

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Epoxy flake

Enhance both aesthetics and durability as our expert team applies precision and creativity to create a seamless, textured finish. Choose from a range of colors and patterns, ensuring a personalized touch to your space.

metallic epoxy

Discover the magic of Metallic Epoxy at Armor Pro. Transform your floors with captivating, reflective beauty, creating a sleek and modern ambiance for your space.

solid color epoxy

Elevate your floors with Armor Pro’s Solid Color Epoxy. Choose from a palette of rich hues to achieve a seamless, vibrant finish. Our expert application ensures a durable and stylish solution.

stained concrete

Armor Pro’s Stained Concrete service adds timeless elegance to your floors. Choose from a variety of rich tones for a sophisticated and enduring aesthetic upgrade.

polished concrete

Elevate your space with the sleek sophistication of Polished Concrete by Armor Pro. Our expert polishing techniques create a mirror-like finish, enhancing both aesthetics and durability.

concrete sealer

Seal the deal with Armor Pro’s Concrete Sealer. Our high-quality sealing solutions enhance durability and protect your concrete surfaces, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

grind and seal

Armor Pro’s Grind and Seal service transforms surfaces with precision grinding and a flawless seal, creating a polished aesthetic that stands the test of time.

mastic removal

Experience a clean slate with Armor Pro’s Mastic Removal service. Our expert team efficiently removes old adhesives, preparing your surfaces for a fresh, polished transformation.

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concrete grinding

Refine and level your surfaces with Armor Pro’s Concrete Grinding service. Our skilled team ensures precision grinding, creating a smooth and durable foundation for your next flooring project.

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